We are now recruiting for our 2023-24 season! Our recruiting process has two stages: first, a short written application is due. Applicants who submit this application are then required to attend one try-out info session before their official audition.

The full recruiting schedule is here: email with any questions!

August 26 - Written Application Opens Up

September 1 - Campus Engagment Fair

September 4 (Monday) - General Info Session 1, RN 12 @7PM

September 6 (Wed) - General Info Session 2, RN 12 @8PM

September 10 (Sunday) - Written Application Due @Midnight

September 12 (Tuesday) - Try Out Info Session One RN12 @8PM

Septermber 13 (Wed) - Try Out Info Session Two RN 12 @8:30PM

September 16&17 - Try Outs

September 18 - Decisisions Released