About Us

What is Mock Trial?

Mock Trial is a combination of speech, debate, and acting. Students take on the roles of witnesses and attorneys to simulate a trial. Each year the American Mock Trial Association prepares a legal case with witness statements, case law, statutes, and other exhibits. In the first few months of the academic year, teams throughout the United States analyze the case and create arguments for both the plaintiff/prosecution and the defense. Every team has three attorneys and three witnesses and each student is assigned a role: witness, attorney, or both. Teams then compete throughout the remainder of the year by arguing their cases in courtroom settings.

We typically comete in three or four tournaments in the fall, and host the first round of AMTA Regionals (the offical tournaments) in the spring. Not every student competes at the fall tournaments, but most  compete in the spring in an attempt to get to the National tournament in March.

We have had great success in advancing to the National Semi-Finals round, called ORCS. We also have had numerous competitors win individual preformance awards, including at ORCS, making us one of the West Coast's top programs.

Features of our Program

Our Team Culture

While we are an extremely competitive team, we put a very strong emphasis on building a kind, caring community that supports all its members. We believe that being friends as well as teammates will ultimately make us a stronger team and enhance all of our Mock Trial experiences. 

To this end we focus extensively on the kind of values we promote, and we host regular team bonding events. These events include our weekend retreat near the start of the semester, but also more casual activities like trips to the pool, ice cream study sessions, and game nights. Our trips to tournaments also encourage team bonding. Our hope is that every team member feels liked a valued part of our CMCMT family.